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The fund invests in companies, listed on stock exchanges worldwide, which pursue a sustainable development policy. These companies combine respect for social principles (e.g. human rights, non-discrimination, the issue of child labour) and environmental principles with a financial performance. The fund uses active management to target companies with sustainable business models, with maximum stock-level overweight limits maintained relative to the benchmark. Its stock-level composition will therefore materially deviate from the benchmark. Measured over a period of several years we aim to beat the performance of the benchmark MSCI World NR. The benchmark is a broad representation of our investment universe. The fund may also include investments into securities that are not part of the benchmark universe. In the stock selection process the fund makes use of fundamental and ESG analysis and also excludes investments in companies involved in controversial activities such as weapons, tobacco and gambling etc. You can sell your participation in this fund on each (working) day on which the value of the units is calculated, which for this fund occurs daily. The fund does not aim to provide you with a dividend. It will reinvest all earnings.
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NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity - P Cap EUR
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Equity Global Advanced Markets
Jeroen Brand, Hendrik-Jan Boer, Alex Zuiderwijk
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