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The sub-fund's objective is to prudently invest the shareholders' capital and provide a return exceeding the average return of the US high yield bond market. The sub-fund invests at least two-thirds of its total assets (excluding cash) in high yield bonds issued by companies which are domiciled or exercise the predominant part of their economic activity in the United States of America. High yield bonds pay high interest due to their high credit risk. The sub-fund may invest up to 10% of its total assets (excluding cash) in asset-backed securities. The sub-fund may be exposed to other currencies than the base currency through investments and/or cash holdings. In the sub-fund, the majority of all currency exposures are hedged to the base currency. The sub-fund may use derivatives to achieve an efficient portfolio management or with the aim of reducing risk and/or generating additional capital or income. A derivative is a financial instrument which derives its value from the value of an underlying asset. The use of derivatives is not cost or risk-free. While the sub-fund compares its performance against the ICE BofAML US High Yield Master II Index, it may freely select the securities that it will invest in. The sub-fund is denominated in USD. The value of the sub-fund is directly linked to the value of the underlying investments and will fluctuate accordingly.
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Nordea US High Yield Bond Fund HB - EUR
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Bond High Yield MT USD
Dan Roberts
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